JADDEVILLE Summer Festival 2021

  • August 2, 2021 - 09:00
  • 139D Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Calabar.

By providing your child/ren the opportunity to engage in these summer festival activities, parents will be offering their children the chance to:

Minimize or eliminate learning loss- Skill regression may occur during prolonged breaks from school.

These activities offer opportunities for writing, drawing, generating ideas, and using executive functioning skills (problem-solving, planning & organizing).

These summer-themed crafts & activities provide opportunities to use a variety of tools and materials that build hand strength, pencil control, and eye-hand coordination.

Stay fit and coordinated- Build muscles, balance, strength, endurance, and fight childhood obesity.

Create new life experiences- Children will be introduced to coding and robotics and will be surfing and exploring the world of technology.

Benefit from multi-sensory learning experiences-
These capture your child’s interest while using touch, movement, sound, and sight to promote learning.

Expand their role in the family- Complete simple household tasks that help to boost a child’s confidence while learning daily living skills.

We have a rich and exciting package for your child.
Our committed and qualified Summer umpires(teachers)are excited to drive your ward on this mind-blowing voyage.


  • Start Date:August 2, 2021
  • Start Time:09:00
  • End Date:August 27, 2020
  • End Time:14:00
  • Location:139D Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Calabar.