JVS Safety Information (For Parents)


Here is a detailed reminder of our school’s STANDING ORDER!

To ensure our children, parents and staff safety at resumption and through the rest of the term, we will be guided by the following COVID Protocols.

For Parents:
All parents must:

📌 Wear their facemask or face shield within the school premises😷.

📌 Have their temperature checked before entering the premises.

📌 Wash their hands on entering the school premises 🚰.

📌 Be swift in carrying out their various transactions in school to avoid clustering i.e. enquiries, drop off and pick-up, etc.

📌 Cough or sneeze into a piece of cloth or their elbows, within the premises, to avoid the spread of saliva droplets.

📌 Not bring any child who is unwell to school.

For Pupils/Students:
All pupils and students must:

🎯 Come to school in their face shields (Early Years) and facemasks or face shields (Year School )😷.

🎯 Have their hand sanitizers.🧴

🎯 Have a temperature check upon entering the premises.

🎯 Wash their hands on entering the school premises and as many times as directed by the teachers🚰.

🎯 Have their handkerchiefs or face towels every day at school.

🎯 Have a two liter water bottle,(Early years and Year School compulsorily) to stay hydrated.

As a school, we will ensure to put the following in place:

📍Make available functional themometers at the gate for temperature check.

📍Provide adequate hand washing points for each section.

📍Frequently disinfect all door handles with bleach.

📍Ensure Pupils and students footwears are disinfected before gaining entrance into class.

📍 Ensure that all other frequently used surfaces are regularly disinfected.

📍Ensure that members of staff wear their facemasks or face shields within the premises.

📍Disinfestation of school premises, regularly.

📍 Regularly prompt the children to:
👉have their facemasks/face shields on.
👉wash their hand.
👉drink enough water
👉cough into their handkerchiefs or elbows.
👉use their hand sanitizers.
👉take their hands off their faces and keep to themselves as much as possible.

📍Maintain physical distancing as much as possible.

📍 Quickly attend to parents needs to avoid clustering.

📍Our Internal COVID-19 Protocol Team will ensure that the aforementioned are implemented daily in school.

We anticipate your continuous corporation , with respect to the above stated guidelines, as always.

Our prayer is that we have a smooth session .

Thank you.

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